Premium Service Policy

1. OXO Premium Acceptable Use Policy
OXO Premium Acceptable Use Policy (hereinafter referred to as “AUP”) aims to define the terms and conditions of our flat-rate service provided by OXO, Inc. (“OXO Premium") as well as rights and obligations between the users and our company when using it. The AUP is applicable to all legal relations between the users and our company in connection with the use of OXO Premium. When users use OXO Premium, they are deemed to agree with the AUP.
2. Definitions
The terms in this AUP have the same definitions as those defined in OXO Acceptable Use Policy (“Basic AUP) excluding those separately defined in this AUP.
3. Usage fee
OXO Premium usage fee is as specified in the OXO Premium subscription application page displayed at the time of purchase. Our company may change the OXO Premium usage fee in the future at our discretion without obtaining the prior consent of the premium member, and the premium member agrees on this.
4. Payment
If the payer is a minor, he/she shall pay the usage fee with the consent of the guardian or a person with parental authority. Users shall pay OXO Premium usage fee by the payment method designated by our company. OXO Premium shall be automatically renewed for the same period each time the usage period ends, and if the renewal is made, the payer shall pay the usage fee by the payment method specified by our company. Our company does not issue receipts, etc. regarding payment of OXO Premium usage fees.
5. Termination of paid subscription
When terminating the use of OXO Premium, the premium member shall carry out the termination procedure as designated by our company, and upon completion of the termination procedure, the use of OXO Premium shall be deemed to have been terminated. Under no circumstances will our company make any refunds of usage fees or other payments that have already been received. The premium member pays the full amount of the usage fee for the current month even if the termination procedure of OXO Premium is performed in the middle of the month.
6. Cancellation of paid subscription
If our company determines that a premium member falls under any of the following, our company shall, at the discretion of our company, temporarily suspend OXO Premium service or cancel OXO Premium service contract without prior notice or notification to such premium member. when our company determines that a premium member did any action against any item of the Article 8 of the Basic AUP. when a premium member delayed to pay OXO Premium usage fees or other obligations, or refused payment. If any one of the items in the preceding paragraph applies, such OXO Premium user loses benefit of time and shall pay all the OXO Premium usage fees and other debts incurred at that time to our company in a lump sum. Our company shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from such measures when the measures specified in Paragraph 1 are taken.
7. Change, suspension and termination of paid service
Our company can change, suspend, terminate the service including OXO Premium, or delete the content, etc. without prior notice to users.
8. Exemption
Our company does not guarantee the operation of the service including OXO Premium and does not take any responsibility. Our total compensation for damages due to the AUP or this service shall not exceed the amount a user has paid us in the specified usage period at the time of damages. However, this does not apply if the user suffers damage due to our intentional or gross negligence.